Why You Need a Towel Rail in Your Tiny Bathroom

5 October 2018
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Have you recently moved into an older home, located in a densely populated area of downtown? You may simply love this neighbourhood as it is close to everything and has a great community feel. Yet you will need to tackle a few renovation projects before you can truly call this place a home, and one of the first areas for inspection will undoubtedly be the bathroom. 

This is a relatively small space as may be expected in such a congested street with terraced properties and you're not sure exactly what you can do. However, have you thought about installing a heated towel rail? This could certainly perform a variety of different functions "all in one." What should you consider?

Radiator Replacement

The smaller the size of your bathroom, the less available space to fit traditional radiators, especially as most of the wall space lower down is taken up by toilets, sinks, bathtubs or showers. You may have a wary eye on the winter ahead and not like this idea too much, but what can you do without space for a radiator? The good news is that your towel rail can function as both and in a diminutive space such as this, can certainly provide you with the right temperature when you step out of the shower.

Your new rail can also be fitted higher up the wall where there is some available room and will take up a lot less space than a conventional radiator.

Useful Dryer

Of course, you will be able to dry out your towels very effectively when using this type of appliance, so that they are ready and waiting for you when you return for your next shower or bath. In the colder or darker days of an Australian winter, you may not be able to bask in this luxury without it.

Replacing Your Other Appliances

Some houses do not have a full-service washer and dryer in their utility room or may not have a utility room at all. If you're struggling for space with other appliances, then you may be able to use your towel rail to help you dry out some of your other clothes. After all, there are only so many radiators in your living, dining and bedrooms, and if you've just finished a giant load of washing, you will be looking for somewhere else to hang your clothes.

Matching Your Style

Finally, you can choose from a variety of contemporary designs to really spice up the look of your smallest room. If you want to remain true to your roots and still value the traditional look, you will probably find a design of this type as well.

For more information on bathroom appliances, contact your local appliance sales retailer.