4 Reasons Drawer Dishwashers Can be Worth the Money

29 November 2016
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Drawer dishwashers are built into your kitchen, and they offer two separate drawers in which your dirty dishes, cookware, and utensils can be placed. They might be a little more expensive than conventional dishwashers, but they do come with some compelling advantages.

Here are just four reasons why drawer dishwashers can be well worth the cost.

1. Eco-Friendly

Washing dishes, whether by hand or in a machine, can consume a lot of water, and machines will also need to consume electricity in order to run. When you pick a full-sized machine, it's often going to use the same amount of water and energy no matter how much is inside. That's not such a bad thing if you regularly fill the machine to capacity, but smaller households will often end up putting through a cycle with lots of space left over. When they do this, a lot of water and energy is wasted.

The greatest thing about drawer-style dishwashers is that you can use only the top drawer if you only have a couple of plates and glasses to wash. You'll be doing your part to be more eco-friendly, and you'll also notice your utility costs dropping.

2. Easy on the Body

One thing that people tend to dislike about dishwashers is the unloading process. Having to repeatedly bend down can see you ending up with a sore back, and people with pre-existing mobility issues can have an even worse time of it.

In contrast, drawer-style dishwashers are a lot easier on the body. When you load and unload from the upper drawer, you'll barely have to bend down at all; your knees and your back are going to thank you.

3. Versatility

Most of the time, people are going to stick to using just one drawer of their new dishwasher in order to reduce their energy and water usage. However, you'll always have the second drawer waiting just below if you do need to take a larger load than normal, such as after hosting a dinner party.

And that's not all. Both drawers should come with the ability to perform their own independent wash cycles. You'll be able to clean champagne glasses in the top section while dealing with greasy baking dishes in the bottom.

4. Compact

Finally, drawer dishwashers are completely inbuilt and generally significantly smaller than regular models. In many kitchens, space is going to be at a premium, so it only makes sense to save space when it comes to your dishwasher.